Educational Path

Graduated in Electric BassPopular Music (110 cum laude) at Saint Louis College Of Music in Rome where he also studied ensemble music, reading, ear training, solfeggio and piano. He specializes in Electric Bass under the guidance of Gianfranco Gullotto. Moreover he had classes with Lorenzo FeliciatiAndrea Rosatelli, Marco Siniscalco, Giacomo Anselmi, Claudio Colasazza, Lello Panico, Michele Papadia, Stefano Senesi and many others excellent musicians.

Job and Collaborations


Producer for emerging artist Dicol at Forward Studios.

Bass player for Vanessa Peters‘ new album “Modern Age“.

Bass player for Matteo Nicoletta‘s theatrical show “Passage Bridge”.

Live bass player for Elenoir of the song “Wrong Party (Toys version)”.


Bassist for Wepro during the recording of his Ep “The Story Of A Modern Drama”.

Bassist live for the #Vptour2019 of Vanessa Peters (held in Holland and Germany, in Spring and Winter).

He produces the single “Ciampino” for Iva Collister, with whom he performs at the Auditorium in Rome in the period of May.

Bassist in studio for David Buckley .

Bassist live for Briga.

Bassist live and studiofor  Venerus and His Orchestra.


In 2018, three unreleased tracks by his groupIvan Panella & The BeanZ, written in collaboration withAngela Radoccia, also come out on the web platforms, also in live session version: “Not My Opinion”, ”Maybe So” e “Catch It”.

Bassist for the project Elenoir. The first single entitled “This War” is released in 2018. Project that sees the collaboration with the Forward Studios di Roma.

Take part in the sound reinforcement work of the short film“Amici Comuni” made by Marco Castaldi.

Bassist live and studio for Vanessa Peters (#Vptour2018 in America).

Bassist in studio for the first album “Domovoi” by Daniele Failla.

Bassist in studio for La Sonda Cassini.

Arranger for the song “Stop/Replay” presented to Sanremo Giovani by Wepro.


Bassist for Margherita Vicario.

Bassist live for Vanessa Peters (#Vptour2017 in Italy).

Music arranger for the short filmHookedby Luca Vecchi.

Music arranger for the spotPix4loverealized by ZERO Collective.

Music arranger for the spotVanniChefrealized by Valerio Desirò.

Bassist for the project “Olio di Palma” by the actor Matteo Nicoletta.


Studio arranger and live musician for the web-series “Esami” (episodes: Jim Molisano e Amedeo La Potta – The Man, The Musician, The Philosopher) of Edoardo Ferrario (2016).

Arranger for the TV series “Lo Staggistaon air on MTV (Filmauro, Aurelio De Laurentis 2015).

Bassist and arranger for the studio band ofthe TV program Non Ce La Faremo Mai” (The Pills) on air on the italian main channel “Italia 1” (Mediaset, 2015).

Bassist for the project “Italian Combo” of Francesco Bonelli.


Bassist for the the funk-rock project “IvaPanella & The BeanZ Band” (Ivan Panella, Hopes Die Last, Zildjian artist) recording some Singles, videos and then an EP called Mixtape. With this project he toured in Italy and in London during summer 2014.

Session man for the hard rock band “Bang Out” (opening band for “Headless & Goran Edman”).


Join the Frutti di Mario, cover band for events and private parties, still active today.


He gives private lessons for technique, arrangement, solfeggio and music reading.

He currently teaches bass lessons at the In-Music school in Rome.



Gives electric bass and guitar lessons at the In-Music  e DRM Studio music schools (


Gives electric bass and guitar lessons at the “Sounds Good” music school (


He holds music Labs as a teacher at Mistemika school of music.